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Scooter rentals can be the ultimate life safer when you're on vacation because they're cheap, fun, and give you instant freedom.Scooter Rentals in Naples Florida

With a scooter you get to enjoy the sea breeze blowing on your face. It's nice just about anytime of the year.

The cost for renting one? As much as $50 per day or as little as $35 per day.

You might want to ask for a discount if you're renting for more than a few days.

That's just an estimate of what to expect.

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Scooter rentals in Naples Florida

Here are some places to check out so you can rent your own scooter in Naples. I highly recommend that you scoot in the Olde Naples / downtown area.

Why? Because the streets all have around 30 MPH speed limits which helps you feel safe since cars won't be buzzing by you all the time.

Plus you can check out all of the coolest places like the fishing pier, fifth avenue, the beaches, third street south, and Crayton Cove.

So definitely don't miss out on all of that because it's the funnest place to ride around in.

Gulf Coast Scooters - Repair Service Sales and Rentals - Naples Florida

If you're like me you like renting scooters because you can pretty much do what you please. It's not like going on a Segway tour where you're told where to go.

A scooter is here for you so you can do what you want.

Gulf Coast Scooters & Kevin's Automotive

So here's a place where you can rent them and it's close to downtown.

Gulf Coast Scooters - Scooter Rentals in Naples

Just ask for Kevin or Eric and they'll help you out. Address and phone numbers are below.

Let them know Alex from sent you.

Retro and Vintage Scooters for Rent in Naples

Scooter repair and service

If you're a local in need of scooter service or repair you can see the same people. And I think they'll be doing sales soon, too.

Gulf Coast Scooters
100 Goodlette-Frank Road N
Naples, FL 34102
Eric 239-595-6588
Kevin 239-404-9065

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Scooter Rentals in Naples

Scooters for Rent in Naples Florida

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