Rentals in Naples Florida

So you're looking for rentals in Naples Florida, huh? I can tell you first hand - this is one of the best places to live on earth and nothing around it compares...

But you probably already know this (hence why you're looking for rentals) so let's get right into it.

What kind of rentals in Naples Florida are you looking for?

This area is filled with condominiums, houses, gated communities, upscale neighborhoods, town houses, apartments, and mobile homes.

Which area do you want to be in?

Naples has a few main areas and I'll help you understand them fast.

  • North Naples - clean, classy, and more newly developed and close to everything
  • Olde Naples - clean, classy, with some Old Florida feel. No gated communities but I think it's the best place to rent. And yes it's very safe. Walk and use your bike everywhere if you want. Live like you're on vacation
  • East Naples - still clean but slightly different than other areas, but from here you're close to Olde Naples. There are great gated communities here too.
  • Golden Gate Estates - if you want to be able to walk out to your car in your underwear and be as loud as you want, this is where to start looking. Most homes have at least a full acre of property.

Within and around these areas are more communities but I think this helps give you the overall "big picture" of the area. And how people talk about it locally.

Jobs, work, and careers

Naples has lots of jobs available for most people. You'll also find that tourism helps our economy down here a lot, so jobs at restaurants, hotels, resorts, golf courses, and retail stores are available.

If you're a professional you'll also find that there is lots of opportunity here whether it's at a job you'd like to find or by starting your own service or business.

Our school district

Most residents are proud of our schools here in Naples. We have the latest technology for your children to learn on.

This is all thanks to the wealth here (and high property taxes in the past).

Top 5 Rentals in Naples Florida (Communities/Areas)

Andrea and I have hand picked the top 5 communities in the area. But these are our choices so it's important you look around to see what else is available to you.

  • Olde Naples - If you live anywhere West of US 41 in Olde Naples you live in paradise. You can find houses, apartments and condos here.
  • Logan Woods - If you like the privacy of the woods while having a grocery store just a mile or two away. All houses.
  • Pine Ridge Estates - Again the benefit of a great location that's close to the beach, etc while enjoying an acre or more of privacy. All houses.
  • Livingston Woods - Another incredible location because you get to enjoy the privacy of your own land with plenty of space while being close to everything in town.
  • North Naples - North Naples covers a lot of area basically from Pine Ridge all the way up to Immokalee Road. You can find a house, condo, apartment, or maybe even a high rise in this area. And your still close to everything.

Considering your pets with rentals in Naples Florida

Lots of places will charge you an extra fee for having your pets and others will not allow any animals at all.

In condos and apartments there are usually size limits for your dog.

Another thing about condos is that you usually have to apply to the association before you're approved to move in. No big deal though.

Find your perfect Naples Florida rental...

This page is currently "in the making" but soon you'll be able to use all of the resources here to find the perfect house, apartment or condo for you and your family. So check back soon!

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