Naples Florida Map

And How To Get Around

Getting around without a map in Naples Florida is easy if you take a five minutes (or less) to read through this page.

If you can remember the names of ten main roads you should be able to get around almost anywhere in Naples without feeling lost.

But it's okay if you don't want to learn and just use your navigation or turn by turn directions because I do the same thing in new towns too.

But in case you do WANT to learn.... You can.

First 5 Streets That Take You West and East

All of these streets travel from West to East (most of them will take you to the Gulf beaches if you follow them all the way West).

Let's start from the southern most point nearest to downtown Naples. Each one thereafter is further North and in order.

Golden Gate Parkway (will take you to Naples Plaza and Coastland Mall if you go all the way West)

Pine Ridge Road (to Clam Pass beach)

Vanderbilt Beach Road (to Vanderbilt Beach)

Immokalee Road (to Wiggins Pass beach)

So that's it - those are the main roads you'll use to travel west or east. Now let me show you the next six main roads that intersect these.

The Next Six Roads That Take You North and South

That was pretty simple, right?

I'm telling you, it's easy if you just take five minutes. Or just print this page out and look at it once in a while.

Each of these roads run parallel to the ocean. Let's start from the furthest west and go east from there. But remember, these roads take you North and South.

US 41 (also known as Tamiami Trail which is the closest main road to the Gulf)

Goodlette-Frank Road

Airport Pulling Road

Livingston Road

951 (also known as Collier Blvd)

Those are all of the roads you'll need to know about to get around just about anywhere in Naples (without having to look all the time). But this excludes East Naples.

Map of Naples

Now that you understand the main roads it's time to play around so you can see what you've learned about the roads here.

Don't forget to zoom in and out using the + and - signs.

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When you come down here I recommend visiting the Naples City Hall to get your own copy of the local area which features all of the places you don't want to miss.

This website shows you everything but it's also great to have something in your hands. So I'd definitely recommend you go grab one. It's free too.

Naples City Hall

735 8th Street South
Naples Florida 34102
Phone 239-213-1000

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