You've heard of all the mansions here in Naples Florida. And if you come down, you'll be pretty amazed by some of them.

It's very easy to take a tour of them while you're here and many people do since the community that they are in is not closed off or gated.

It's just an upscale neighborhood with plenty of security and cameras.

Multi Million Dollar "Palaces" in Port Royal

The community where they're located in is called Port Royal. Land is extremely expensive and so are the annual taxes.

If you're like most Americans, these tax rates will take up all of your income.

Three great ways to check them out

When you're in Naples and are ready to take your own gigantic house "tour" you have a few choices.

Are you going to have a street view or a "backyard" beach angle?

You can either WALK the beach or...

Drive down the street (Gordon Drive) with your friends and family. Another really fun option is using your bicycle because you can always stop at a beach entrance and enjoy a walk.

Can you show me around?

Not yet because I haven't "captured" them with video or pictures. But it's all coming soon, so stay tuned.

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