Bice Ristorante

Bice Ristorante is an elegant Italian restaurant in downtown Naples Florida right on Fifth Avenue South.

They have a great menu with plenty of high end Italian dishes to pick from. I have had their risotto and absolutely loved it...

Bice Ristorante in Naples Florida

300 Fifth Ave South #223
Naples, FL 34102
Phone 239-262-4044

You can eat outside or inside and it's a really nice atmosphere (can get busy though) coupled with authentic Italian food.

Here are some menu item examples: Rissotto Milanese con Funghi, Spaghetti alla Bolognese fatti in casa, and Linguine alle Vongole Veraci. To see the result of the menu visit their website (opens in new window).

The restaurant will work with you for private parties, weddings, and catering services.

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